Clare & Ciarán | Algarve, Portugal

What a pleasure it is to finally introduce you to this unique, wonderful, fun loving couple, Clare and Ciarán, who came all the way from Ireland with family and friends, to marry in southern Portugal.


The beautiful venue ‘Os Agostos’, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the Algarve coast, is a labyrinth of cosy nooks and crannies to be delightfully explored. As the wedding day unfolded the lucky guests moved from one place to the next, creating a montage of special moments. This was one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever witnessed. When I say beautiful, I am not only referring to the stunning venue, the creative details, the beautiful dresses etc. Instead I am referring to the incredible atmosphere that was generated by all their family and friends and the enormous love that vibrated throughout the day. I have never seen a bride so comfortable and so at ease in one place.  The energy that filled the marquee during dinner was truly electric. There was an uproar of laughter and then some tears as Clare and Ciarán gave eloquent, natural, witty and heartfelt speeches.


This was a wedding void of stiff traditions and protocols, as they wanted to create something that was honest and which represented them – a day that was easy going, generous, warm and full of laughter.C&C_blogpost_02C&C_blogpost_03C&C_blogpost_04C&C_blogpost_05C&C_blogpost_06C&C_blogpost_07C&C_blogpost_08C&C_blogpost_09C&C_blogpost_10C&C_blogpost_11C&C_blogpost_12C&C_blogpost_13C&C_blogpost_14C&C_blogpost_15C&C_blogpost_16C&C_blogpost_17C&C_blogpost_18C&C_blogpost_19C&C_blogpost_20C&C_blogpost_21C&C_blogpost_23C&C_blogpost_24C&C_blogpost_25C&C_blogpost_26C&C_blogpost_27C&C_blogpost_28C&C_blogpost_29C&C_blogpost_30C&C_blogpost_31C&C_blogpost_32C&C_blogpost_33C&C_blogpost_34C&C_blogpost_35C&C_blogpost_36C&C_blogpost_37C&C_blogpost_38C&C_blogpost_39C&C_blogpost_40C&C_blogpost_41C&C_blogpost_42C&C_blogpost_43C&C_blogpost_44C&C_blogpost_45C&C_blogpost_46C&C_blogpost_47C&C_blogpost_48C&C_blogpost_49C&C_blogpost_50C&C_blogpost_51C&C_blogpost_52C&C_blogpost_53C&C_blogpost_54C&C_blogpost_55C&C_blogpost_56C&C_blogpost_57C&C_blogpost_58C&C_blogpost_59C&C_blogpost_60C&C_blogpost_61C&C_blogpost_62C&C_blogpost_63C&C_blogpost_64C&C_blogpost_65C&C_blogpost_66C&C_blogpost_68C&C_blogpost_69

  • Tracy McG D

    Wow, wow, wow!!! These are amazing photographs of a gorgeous wedding – I love them all. TxReplyCancel

  • Eleanor Cater

    Wow, stunning pics from some very talented photographers. The atmosphere is palpable, simply beautiful! xReplyCancel

  • Derry

    Stunning shots!ReplyCancel

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