Patricia & Paul | Estoril, Portugal

Paul, the witty, quintessential English gentleman and Patricia, the passionate, vivacious Venezuelan, chose to tie the knot at the end of last Summer, in a grand villa overlooking the sea. However, their wedding day began with severe weather warnings, unexpected torrential rain and high winds; enough to cause any bride great distress.  Especially if an outdoor service had been planned as it was in this case – but it was not a worry for Patricia.  She shrugged it off as yet another tiny obstacle that she would not let get in her way from having her dream wedding. We were completely amazed by her humorous spirit, relaxed nature and positive outlook. By midday the rain had miraculously ceased, clouds briefly parted and the guests were greeted with some warm sunshine, needless to say, the day unfolded beautifully.

A delicious meal was served in the bright airy room which overlooked the sea. Splashes of purple dominated, leaving the room in a wash of indigo and violet. Their wedding was meticulously designed and carefully styled by them both; giving great importance to their love of great food and passion for travel. As the night progressed, rather than starting to tire, the party grew to an unstoppable crescendo of Latino frenzy, brought on by the tradition of the ‘Piñata’. From this point on, the feverish carnival spirit was in its full glory. As props, poppers and people mixed, a colourful room of euphoric dancers came to life.

Thank you both immensely for giving us the opportunity to witness a little bit of the magic that seems to constantly follow you.P&P_02P&P_03P&P_04P&P_05P&P_06P&P_07P&P_08P&P_09P&P_10P&P_11P&P_12P&P_13P&P_14P&P_15P&P_16P&P_17P&P_18P&P_19P&P_20P&P_21P&P_22P&P_23P&P_24P&P_25P&P_26P&P_27P&P_28P&P_29P&P_31P&P_32P&P_34P&P_35P&P_36P&P_37P&P_38P&P_39P&P_40P&P_41P&P_42P&P_43P&P_44P&P_45P&P_46P&P_47P&P_48P&P_49P&P_50P&P_51P&P_52P&P_53P&P_54P&P_55P&P_56P&P_57P&P_58P&P_59P&P_60P&P_61P&P_62P&P_63P&P_64P&P_65P&P_66P&P_67P&P_68P&P_69P&P_70P&P_71P&P_72P&P_73P&P_74P&P_75P&P_76P&P_78P&P_79P&P_80P&P_81P&P_82P&P_83P&P_84P&P_85P&P_86P&P_87P&P_88P&P_89P&P_90P&P_91P&P_92P&P_93P&P_94P&P_96P&P_97P&P_98P&P_99P&P_100P&P_101P&P_102P&P_103P&P_104P&P_105P&P_106P&P_107P&P_108P&P_109P&P_110P&P_111P&P_112P&P_113P&P_114P&P_115P&P_116P&P_117P&P_118P&P_119P&P_120P&P_121P&P_122P&P_123P&P_124P&P_125P&P_126P&P_127P&P_128P&P_129

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