Taylor discovers sand dunes.

Introducing Taylor, the energetic, adventurous and hilariously funny two and half year old daughter of two very special friends of ours, Christina & Henrik. This sweet family travelled all the way from Galicia, northern Spain to spend some quality time in Cascais with their little girl.

We decided to capture them as a family at Guincho beach. Taylor’s excitement could not be contained as she approached and discovered every single sand dune; needless to say, we never made it to the sea. Her sense of wonder and energy for these new sandy mountains was contagious as she dived, jumped and rolled her way around them all. She amused herself (and us both) by suddenly collapsing on the sand in a fit of giggles every few minutes, as she relished the idea that she could not hurt herself. It was only the setting of the sun that finally encouraged her to leave behind the sand and those enormous dunes.

Thank you both for giving us the chance to spend quality time with your gorgeous girl.


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