Helen and Al, a gorgeous couple from London, planned the most relaxed and idyllic wedding you can possibly imagine, right in the heart of the beautiful Alentejo region in Portugal. After searching high and low for the perfect spot to marry, I think it is safe to say they truly found it in ‘Malhadinha Nova’, a luxurious country house and spa, where all their friends and family gathered to celebrate together for a few days. The day could not have flowed more perfectly and the beauty of the region was on full display for all to see. Their entire day took place almost exclusively outdoors. They exchanged vows next to a vineyard and dined and partied al fresco until the sun set.
Thank you once again Helen and Al. It really was such a privilege getting to know you both. Your wedding was nothing, but pure perfection.

Wedding venue | Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

Jessica and Julio’s beautiful elopement took place in one of the most mystical settings you can imagine, at the chapel ruins, within the lush gardens of the famous Monserrate Palace in Sintra. They opted to avoid the stress and worry of organising a large event by eloping. They travelled all the way from America to exchange their vows, in what was one of the most beautiful and intimate ceremonies we have ever witnessed.

Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_1Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_2Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_3Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_4Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_5Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_6Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_7Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_8Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_9Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_10Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_11Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_12Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_13Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_14Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_15Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_16Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_17Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_18Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_19Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_20Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_21Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_22Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_23Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_24Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_25Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_26Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_27Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_28Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_29Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_30Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_31Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_32Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_33Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_34Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_35Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_36Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_37Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_38Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_39Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_40Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_41Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_42Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_43Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_44Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_45Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_46Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_47Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_48Jessica&Julio_Enlopement Sintra_49Wedding Planner | Como Branco Wedding Concept,
Location | Monserrate Palace, Sintra
Hair | Makeup Martist,

When you plan a Summer outdoor wedding, with hay stacks, parasols and refreshing drinks to keep your guests cool there is only one thing that can get in the way, rain.  Well, that is exactly what happened to Elena and Álvaro when they tied the knot over a year ago in the middle of Galicia, northern Spain.  Her guests were ushered under a marquee, were a delicious Spanish buffet of gourmet ‘tapas’ was served up, as the wet and windy weather, which Galicia is notorious for, surrounded their tent.  It was a beautiful and impeccably designed wedding thanks to the talented bride Elena, who perfected every single corner of the venue with her own creative touch.
Despite the unseasonal weather, this couple and their cheerful guests did anything but let the weather dampen their moods.  In fact, the more it rained the more lively the party became.  We were thrilled to be able to return to this beautiful region of Spain to witness yet another gorgeous couple celebrate their day, as only the Spanish know how to.


We had the pleasure of capturing Carina and João’s third wedding anniversary at the impressive eco-design hotel, Areias do Seixo, one hour drive from Lisbon. The entire concept, inspiration and impeccable styling was beautifully created by the Como Branco team, along with a list of talented suppliers who contributed to making this day something out of the ordinary.
Carina and João have celebrated their wedding anniversary every year with a photo shoot incorporating the traditional gifts associated with the passing years, such as paper and cotton. Now wheat marks their third year of marriage.
Thank you both for making this day possible and for giving us the chance to work with such a creative team of people.
Wishing you many more wonderful years together.Areias do seixo wedding_01Areias do seixo wedding_02Areias do seixo wedding_03Areias do seixo wedding_04Areias do seixo wedding_05Areias do seixo wedding_06Areias do seixo wedding_07Areias do seixo wedding_08Areias do seixo wedding_09Areias do seixo wedding_10Areias do seixo wedding_11Areias do seixo wedding_12Areias do seixo wedding_13Areias do seixo wedding_14Areias do seixo wedding_15Areias do seixo wedding_16Areias do seixo wedding_17Areias do seixo wedding_18Areias do seixo wedding_19Areias do seixo wedding_20Areias do seixo wedding_21Areias do seixo wedding_22Areias do seixo wedding_23Areias do seixo wedding_24Areias do seixo wedding_25Areias do seixo wedding_26Areias do seixo wedding_27Areias do seixo wedding_28Areias do seixo wedding_29Areias do seixo wedding_30Areias do seixo wedding_31Areias do seixo wedding_32Areias do seixo wedding_33Areias do seixo wedding_34Areias do seixo wedding_35Areias do seixo wedding_36Areias do seixo wedding_37Areias do seixo wedding_38Areias do seixo wedding_39Areias do seixo wedding_40Areias do seixo wedding_41Areias do seixo wedding_42Areias do seixo wedding_43Areias do seixo wedding_44Areias do seixo wedding_45Areias do seixo wedding_46Areias do seixo wedding_47Areias do seixo wedding_48Areias do seixo wedding_49Areias do seixo wedding_50Areias do seixo wedding_51Areias do seixo wedding_52Areias do seixo wedding_53Areias do seixo wedding_54Areias do seixo wedding_55Areias do seixo wedding_56Areias do seixo wedding_57Areias do seixo wedding_58Areias do seixo wedding_59Areias do seixo wedding_60Areias do seixo wedding_61Areias do seixo wedding_62Areias do seixo wedding_63Areias do seixo wedding_64Areias do seixo wedding_65Areias do seixo wedding_66Areias do seixo wedding_67Areias do seixo wedding_68Areias do seixo wedding_69Areias do seixo wedding_70Areias do seixo wedding_71Areias do seixo wedding_72Areias do seixo wedding_73Areias do seixo wedding_74Areias do seixo wedding_75Areias do seixo wedding_76Areias do seixo wedding_77Areias do seixo wedding_78Areias do seixo wedding_79Areias do seixo wedding_80Areias do seixo wedding_81Areias do seixo wedding_82Areias do seixo wedding_83Areias do seixo wedding_84Areias do seixo wedding_85Areias do seixo wedding_86Areias do seixo wedding_87

Styling & Design | Como Branco Wedding Concept,
Venue | Areias do Seixo Charm Hotel & Residences,
Cakes & Pastry | Vintage Cake Company,
Dress & Suit | Joana Montez & Oficina Mustra,
Hair & Makeup | MCC Hairstylist & Makeup Martist,
Bouquet and flowers | Atelier Teresa Ribeiro,
Video | Happy Together Films.